This is how VPN providers offer their software, what all do you need to look out for these days?

This is how VPN providers offer their software, what all do you need to look out for these days?

Every VPN provider claims to offer the best software. This is confirmed when we look at the expressions we come across on the providers’ websites. We did research on the different slogans of all VPN providers at the moment. At the editorial office we recently did a tour of all the popular VPN providers. We noticed that with every provider a big ‘slogan’ can be found on the home page of the website. And, of course, they all claim to offer the best VPN software . However, there are also some uniquenesses that are used in slogans.We decided to list all the slogans of the VPN providers just for fun like at Espana por la mejor VPN para Netflix @ Globalwatchonline.ES

Slogans of VPN providers at a glance

Not every provider has its slogan openly displayed on its website. However, we went to investigate and come up with a list of the slogans for each provider like Express VPN trial Indonesia.


ExpressVPN calls its software ‘The most reliable VPN service‘ . Also, upon entering the website, the promise ‘The VPN that does what it should‘ can be read right away. In itself, we do agree with that, it turned out in our ExpressVPN review.


NordVPN doesn’t so much proclaim its unique selling points in chocolate letters on its website. However, we do see this reflected in the meta-title and in a simple Google search. According to NordVPN its software is ‘The Best VPN’. In our NordVPN review this turns out to be not such’a crazy slogan.


Looking for a fast and secure VPN software? Then according to CyberGhost you should be with them: ‘Fast and secure VPN service‘, reads the slogan. The website also mentions its experience in the VPN niche: ‘Possessed by 15 years of expertise‘. Check out our opinion in the CyberGhost review.

NordVPN offer: 68% off two-year subscription

At NordVPN there is now a ‘Summer end sale’, where you enjoy 68% off a two-year subscription. This means you pay only € 3.30 per month. In total you don’t pay € 233.56 for two years, but still € 79.21 in total.